About us

Expanding Human’s Potential from birth to adulthood

Seeking a Humane and Evolved Education

Kidholistic was born as a non-for-profit organization that aims to fill the gap between the education system and the evolution demand of our present and future generations following a constructive and humane approach.

We connect with students, parents, educators, and parents-to-be in a holistic way, by offering workshops and continuing education programs involving well-being and practical alternatives to discover and develop advance inner skills, such as emotional intelligence, leadership, collaboration, intuition, critical thinking, ancestral forbidden and forgotten knowledge.

Our foundation is the study of the development process and evolution of planet Earth, including humanity, while embracing our ultimate potential as a collective.

We work along private and public schools, private & public sectors, governments, non-for-profit organizations, as well as communities aligned with our philosophy of co-existing along with nature and co-creating knowledge in conscious, technological as well as sustainable ways. 

What do we offer

Schools of the present

Schools of the present. Actively participating in the development of an evolved education program 0-17 with ‘heart quarters’ in each continent

Starting & Continuing Education

40-day intuition program (For children & adolescents in specific locations of the globe)

3-month On-line Parenting workshop (For parents & parents-to-be)

Become a Yoga for kids’ instructor (For adults, educators, yoga practitioners, therapists…) receive a Yoga Alliance Certification

10-day Workshop for Parents-to-be (For partners who seek co-creating a family)

9-month Orgasmic Hypnobirthing workshop (pre-pregnancy to birth)

3-hour Mindfulness at Home (presential & online)

3-hour Mindfulness at Schools (presential & online)

Where do we want to go?

We are looking for partnership to develop the ‘heart quarters of the present’ in each continent to serve those who seek a humane and evolved education for their children and adolescents. We offer endless possibilities of collaboration respecting an individualized approach in our culturally diverse planet. The future is here and now. We seek co-creation of this evolved education that is starting to come up in different parts of the globe.

Where do we come from?

We come from an elite education system that seems stagnant in the evolution process and is not meeting all the rights and needs of our ‘children of the present’ and so we want to plant a seed of consciousness. Children represent the future, and the future is here and now.

I’m Adi

She holds a BA in Communications from Central University of Venezuela and a Diploma in Education with a specialization in Bilingual Education and Early Childhood Teaching from the University of Calgary. She completed a Montessori teaching apparatus workshop through Montessori Centre International (MCI) from UK and studied the theoretical aspects of the method through the North American Montessori Centre (NAMC). She obtained a Master’s in Education at the University of Calgary with the completion of an educational research year in the spring of 2017. She dedicated her last year of research at the University of Calgary editing her last paper in documentation and digital assessment connected to her study travels to schools in Beijing, Italy, and Singapore. She had the opportunity to work along with more than 400 families and their children aged between 19 months and 6 years. As an extension to her graduate degree, Adriana wanted to become an active member of the International Reggio Emilia community by attending workshops and conferences in Canada and South East Asia as well as participating at an International Reggio Study Tour in Italy in the spring of 2015. Her last studies involved a 200HR yoga teaching certification and a 95HR yoga for kids teaching training through the Yoga Alliance. As a proactive, observer and enthusiastic individual, she recognizes her interest in guiding children thru a holistic learning process as well as learning along with them.