The trainer: Adriana Ferrari

She holds a BA in Communications from Central University of Venezuela and a Diploma in Education with a specialization in Bilingual Education and Early Childhood Teaching from the University of Calgary. She completed a Montessori teaching apparatus workshop through Montessori Centre International (MCI) from UK and studied the theoretical aspects of the method through the North American Montessori Centre (NAMC). She obtained a Master’s in Education at the University of Calgary with the completion of an educational research year in the spring of 2017. She dedicated her last year of research at the University of Calgary editing her last paper in documentation and digital assessment connected to her study travels to schools in Beijing, Italy, and Singapore. 

She had the opportunity to work along with more than 400 families and their children aged between 19 months and 6 years. As an extension to her graduate degree, Adriana wanted to become an active member of the International Reggio Emilia community by attending workshops and conferences in Canada and South East Asia as well as participating at an International Reggio Study Tour in Italy in the spring of 2015. Her last studies involved a 200HR yoga teaching certification and a 95HR yoga for kids teaching training through the Yoga Alliance. As a proactive, observer and enthusiastic individual, she recognizes her interest in guiding children thru a holistic learning process as well as learning along with them.

Who joins the training?

We are SO incredibly fortunate to have a global community with students joining from Asia, Australia & New Zealand, the Middle-East, Europe, North and South America and Africa. Our trainees are mostly:

Do you…?

See a need for social change in the world?

Want to empower children ?

Want to create a safe space for children and teens to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas freely?

Want to share essential tools with children and teens to self-regulate and heal themselves independently?

Want to share concepts and ideas of gratitude,self-worth, awareness, respect, empathy, connection and peace ?



Yoga Teacher

An Educator


Or a playful yoga practitioner

What you’ll receive? 


A Yoga Alliance certification as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT95-Hours)

Lesson Plan

 A lesson plan structure and formula for creative, holistic and well-rounded classes

Lesson Plan 2

A variety of Lesson plans to use with different age-groups so you can start teaching the next day!


Guided meditation scripts for 3-18 year olds


 Access to a private online support community of trained teachers
 Resources and coaching from Adriana via our support community

The curriculum

Challenging poses for Teens&Tweens.

Partner and group yoga fun for all ages.

 Interactive,experiential activities, group discussions, individual
assignments and daily practice.

Behaviour management in the yoga class.

Understanding Special Needs.

Hindu Mythology,the Chakra System(the energetic body), The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Yama and Niyama.

Creative mindfulness activities.

Creative meditations,including visualisations and moving meditations.

Planning & sequencing based on children’s learning styles and behaviour patterns.

Interactive story-telling and yoga.

Therapeutic and nurturing yoga techniques.

Mandala Art Meditations.

This training really is for you if:

You want to empower children and young people to become mentally strong, resilient, emotionally balanced, self-aware, connected and confident in their own body

You want to support children in becoming creative, open-minded, accepting, compassionate individuals

You see a need for social change in the world, your local community and in children’s individual lives

You want to create an emotionally safe space for children and teens to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas freely

You want to share essential tools with children and teens to self-regulate and heal themselves independently

You want to share concepts and ideas of gratitude, self-worth, awareness, respect, empathy, connection and community

You’ll absolutely LOVE this training if:

  • You LOVE to sing, dance, play, share, learn, reflect and connect
  • You LOVE to be part of a supportive, conscious community in which you can feel empowered and inspired as well as empowering and inspiring others with your stories, experiences and mindful actions and words
  • You LOVE shared learning environments
  • You LOVE to connect new people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and countries
  • You see and feel a need for change in your family, your community and the world as a whole and you want to step up and make that change through the healing affects of yoga and mindfulness
  • You have a deep connection to yoga or a real curiosity to delve deeper into yoga, meditation and mindfulness


Training Reviews

“The workshops were well-planned with lots of activities that got the trainees involved so it was never dull, and we had such a fun time” 

Applie, Play Therapist

“The course was very comprehensive and taught a lot of skills not just for yoga teachers but also for parents and classroom educators as well.” 

Bea, Childcare Worker

“The training was everything I expected and more. A very in depth training covering all age groups from toddlers to teens in a variety of areas from visualizations to inversions to Hindu Mythology. I am so excited to use my new skills and tools in my classes.” 

Kristy, Kids Yoga Studio Owner

“The most well thought and complete Yoga Teacher Training  I have ever attended yet. Everyday, you will learn by ‘experiencing’ each type of classes and by practicing/ teaching what you have learned.”

Marine, Parent

“I could not have been happier with the course! I left the training feeling confident and excited about the prospect of applying what I had learned to any situation.

It wasn’t just power point presentations listing different activities, it was a whole new way of looking at teaching children yoga”.

Gem, Early Years Educator

“This was exactly what I was hoping for! This is one of the most useful and inspiring courses I have been on in years.”

Louise, Early Years Educator

“You will end this training with more knowledge, a useful tool box of activities adapted to every kids, some behavior management tips, class ideas, method to write effective visualization, an overview of what a real class could be, valuable feedback, a roadmap for your future projects (the last day workshop is really well done!) and more confidence in your abilities!

The whole training is rich, diverse, playful, fun, poetic and super interesting.” 

Marine, Health Coach and Parent

“You can expect a full toolbox on how to teach hands on teaching daily, and feeling fully empowered to go out there and do it, once you have completed the course”.

Audrey, Parent

Its always a risk investing time and money into a course when you aren’t  familiar with the teachers but it was the BEST decision! The teachers were so knowledgeable, the course comprehensive and fun too.

The course was a perfect mix of theory and practical and we all felt confident by the end”.

Natasha, Youth Worker.

“The perfect course for classroom teachers, yoga teachers, camp counsellors and parents.

It reminds you what its like to be a kid again and have fun playing while learning! Bring out your inner child to learn how to relate to kids in order to teach them more effectively!” 

Danielle Desmond, Elementary School Teacher